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Kaio Targeted Firming and Toning Cream

Kaio Targeted Firming and Toning Cream

The technology behind Kaío Targeted Firming and Toning Cream was developed with the help of a Harvard University biochemistry professor to finally solve the problem of spot reduction of fat by firming and toning the areas of the body where the cream is applied. This breakthrough, known as our proprietary Arginos™ technology, allows the individual to determine specific areas of the body to target and deliver proven active ingredients to achieve never-before-seen results. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s amazing.


We recommend that Kaío be applied at least twice a day. Many will see optimal results when applied prior to a workout or activity, however there is not a “bad” time to apply Kaío. The best and most popular areas of application are the stomach, legs and butt regions, but Kaío may be used anywhere on the body (please avoid the eyes and any “sensitive areas”).


Our proprietary technology is heat-activated, which allows for Kaío to increase blood flow to the areas where it is applied; therefore, some warming, tingling and/or reddening is to be expected! However, this product is not designed to achieve results by making you sweat, like others on the market. Kaío is a topical product that is applied locally and works only in the cells and tissues where it is applied, so you will not experience any systemic effects as you would with an oral “fat burner.”


The Arginos™ technology used in Kaío Targeted Firming and Toning Cream may be a scientific breakthrough, but it is not meant to be a magic or miracle fat burning solution. There is simply no replacing work and discipline. To that end, when using Kaío, we always recommend maintaining a routine that involves regular activity and healthy eating, as one would do whenever they are trying to improve their health and physical appearance. 


    Caffeine: We all know this one! Caffeine increases fat metabolism. Kaío acts locally at the cellular level and does not affect the rest of your body like a “fat burner,” so no need to worry about a caffeine kick or jitters!

    Arginine: An amino acid, naturally occurring in the body to help increase blood flow, protect the skin from free radicals, increase skin hydration and boost collagen production.

    Carnitine: An amino acid that enhances athletic performance and aids in weight loss by transporting fatty acids to be burned and used as energy.

    Synephrine: Naturally found in the bitter orange fruit, Synephrine stimulates the oxidation of fat!


    Refunds are given for unopened and unused products, minus the costs of shipping and handling.

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