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Are you self motivated, make it to the gym on a regular basis but feel like you’re stuck at a plateau and not seeing the progress you’ve expected?  For many, we see and hear an overwhelming amount of information on the internet, social media and from our peers in regards to training and nutrition and it’s extremely difficult to decide which approach is best for yourself.  You constantly find yourself jumping on this diet and this workout routine to another without really seeing fantastic results.

Every Anthrofit member gains access to our exclusive app and web client.  There you’ll find your custom plan, calendar to keep on track, and in app workout tracking!  Track and log your workouts in real time for maximum results.

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When you become a member of Anthrofit, we provide you a personalized approach to your fitness regimen, and more importantly, your lifestyle.  My workout and nutrition routine would not be right for everyone, so I don’t prescribe it to anyone but myself.  Every body is different, and we’ll give yours the individual attention it requires.

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